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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Niagara Falls!

We recently checked another one of our 'places to visit' off the list! We went camping at Niagara Falls and it was amazing! The drive took us about 6.5hrs and it wasn't a bad drive, but lots of tolls. When we got close the water started off very calm and I was wondering if we were in the right place. Then once we parked and got out of the car, we walked down to the falls and it was more than we imagined! The power of the water was outstanding and the the size of it all was just overwhelming.

We were there really early in the morning so we had the place to ourselves. We walked around with the  dog and too all the pictures we wanted, without having them full of others. It is a really nice place and we were pleasantly surprised with nice trails to wonder around on which lead to other views of the falls. We walked around and were just taking in everything, the falls, Rainbow bridge, the noise, the Hard Rock and Planet Hollywood Canada.... it was beautiful! After several hours of wandering we decided to go and check out the campsite and then we would come back later and do all the tourist stuff without the dog!

We got the Niagara Falls KOA and checked in, its a really nice place and it was cheap and perfect for us with the dog. We set up the tent and made a quick lunch of brats and then started relaxing. At the campsite there are a couple catch-n-release ponds that were fun to throw into. Unfortunately we were the only ones unable to catch anything. It was still fun though.

After some relaxing and a short nap we went back to do the Maid of the Mist! As soon as we got back, we realized how smart it was to have gotten so early in the morning and get the pictures and sightseeing out of the way.... it was full of people now! So we zoomed right over to the MM and jumped in line, where they quickly gave us our free ponchos!

When we got on we went to the top of the boat and in the front. As soon as we headed closer to the falls you could really hear the power of the falls. It wasn't very misty at first,
passing the American Side of the falls, but as soon as we got into Horse Shoe Falls that changed quickly. We were surrounded by pounding water and we were definitely in the mist! We were also getting wet and cold, I recommend going in a little warmer time of year maybe.
After all the excitement we went back and checked on the dog. Once we knew he was okay and happy we decided to go have a little fun at the mini-golf and go-karts place that was right next to the campground. We had a good round of golf, and then decided that the go-karts looked like fun. Moni told me she had never done it, so we had to! Of course, we both had a blast!

After the days activities we were getting worn down so we went back and made a fire, played with the dog and ate dinner. After a wonerful grill and chill, we went to go drink with some fellow campers we met early that happened to be from England and Australia. We had an amaing night of drinking games and smores! Made it back to the tent and had a wonderful night sleep and woke up to slight drizzle Sunday morning. We slept in long enough for the sun to expel the clouds, packed and drove home. What an amazing weekend!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fly with Your Dog

Flying with your dog can be a very worrying process, believe me. However, it will all work out fine for both your dog and your nerves if you do your research and plan ahead. If you are planning on flying with your dog there are a few things you need to do to make sure everyone gets to the destination together!

First of all you need to see what your airlines requirements are, some of them are standard. Things like the type of kennel you need, and notification time, water&food bowls, vet documentation etc. will be necessary for all airlines. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Maximus at the Prague Zoo

While living in Prague, Max and I visited the zoo. That's right you can take your dog to the zoo in Europe! We got to see lots of animals and smells, Max had a blast! So, the second animal we saw was this monkey who absoluetly loved to antagonize dogs. Max, of course, didn't like that the monkey was talking so much shit, or that there was glass between them! Telephone tough guy! Enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spring Break - Lake Powell

Maximus loves to see nice places. That is why we took him on our spring break to Lake Powell. When we were thinking of where to go for our spring break, a friend recommended Lake Powell to us. Not knowing too much about it I looked it up. Lake Powell was an easy decision after that.
So I began recruiting people and putting together prices. I knew we would need a lot to put it all together, so I searched every option. After I assessed the prices I started seeing how many people we would need to make it cost effective, yet still not too crowded. I ended up with a perfect number of 8. It turned out that we ended up getting a rental car , houseboat , and a speedboat for eight days.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Czech countryside

We spent a lot of time in the Czech countryside. BBQ at the lake house, we where windsurfing and our Max was jumping of the dock, walking in the woods and having fun with fish.

The Heart of Europe

We lived in Prague for a year and we loved it. It was great because we could go everywhere with the dog, bo questions asked. He even went to the pubs and stores with us. The only places he couldn't go were places that sold food, like grocery stores, but when we went there he just waited outside with the other dogs until I came out and off we went. We could go everywhere in the city without a leash which was awesome because Maximus is so well trained. Imagine a city of 2million people and no one was afraid of my "big scary pitbull" it was so great. All they noticed was how good he was.


That's right my dog has a passport. He's been everywhere with me. We lived in Prague, Czech Republic for a year. While we were there, we took the dog everywhere with us. He stopped off in Amsterdam, Venice, Verona, Lago di Garda, Paderno del Grappa, Crespano, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Slovenia. Ask him, he'll tell you they were all amazing!